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Most Recited Duaayen & Kalmaat


This app contains the most continuously recited and prayed Duaas and Kalmaat. The app contains following Duaayen along with Urdu translation:1. Duaa e Hajaat (Recited for the solutions of all the difficulties of life)2. Duaa e Qanoot (Being recited in "Isha" prayers "Watar")3. Duaa e Traveeh (Recited during the Traveeh Namaaz)4. Namaz e Janaaza (Proceedure of Performing Namaaz e Janaza and Duaas recited in it)5. Six Kalmaat (Kalma Tayyaba, Shahadat, Tamjeed, Toheed, Astaghfaar, Radd e Kufar)
Recite these Prays and Kalimaat and get blessings of Allah Almighty.